ALAS, ‘TIS DONE: Psssst . . . . hey kittens . . . . over here . . . 8 Free E-Books, 8 hours to grab’em

alpharomeo_originalWanna score a free e-book?

My latest and greatest, Alpha Romeo, a contemporary Hollywood romance in the tradition of Danielle Steele and TMZ, comes out tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20, from Purple Sword Publications.  I know, right?  I’m so psyched, I can’t stand myself.  The only thing that would make me happier would be to know people are reading it.  People who already know me well enough and/or dig something I’ve written enough to actually be reading this.  People who will hopefully love it and might even be moved to review it at Purple Sword’s own website or Barnes & Noble or or even our good old crazy uncle Amazon.  My publisher will send it out to dedicated review sites, and that’s awesome.  But I know when I’m choosing a pleasure read, I’m more likely to trust the reader reviews there on the site where I’m shopping.  So that’s what I’m looking for here.  You aren’t required to like it; you aren’t even required to review it.  But I would take it as a deeply kind personal favor if you did.

So here, as they say, is the deal.  Starting at 4 pm today, Tuesday, August 19, until midnight tonight, the first 8 people who send me an email at will get a their very own PDF copy of the whole book.  Not an excerpt or a tease but the whole book.  I will cut off the giveaway after the first 8 (by my own personal count, and you’ll just have to trust me to play fair) or at midnight, whichever comes first, and only people who are officially following the blog here or my Facebook page will be eligible.  Don’t try to sneak in early; if your time signature on your email reads earlier than 4 pm EST, it’s ineligible.  And the only format will be PDF; if your device doesn’t support PDF and you don’t know how to convert it, don’t enter because I won’t be able to help you.  Don’t post “pick me! pick me!” in the comments and fail to send me an email because as much as I’ll adore you for asking, I won’t.

1 – Make sure you’re following the blog or “like” the Facebook page;

2 – Drop me an email at (which includes your email address so I can send you the file);

3 – Be one of the first 8;

4 – Save yourself some cash on what I think is a damned fine trashy novel.

And just to entice you a little more, here’s the official blurb:

Scarlett Cross is the classic Hollywood princess.  Daddy is a movie star; Mama was a supermodel murdered when Scarlett was only four years old.  Now she’s eighteen pretending to be younger for the sake of her father’s image and starting her own career as the muse of a famous European auteur.  But bad boy actor Romeo Kidd is everything she’s ever wanted.  He makes her feel safe and loved and wanted for the first time in her life, and she’ll do anything to keep from letting him go.

UPDATE:  Thanks so much to everybody who played – your PDFs are on the way!  xoxo

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Writer of gothic and supernatural horror-romance novels.

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