My Brain Wants To Be In A Hair Band

tennant&piperSo I just made a quick outline for a story I’m about to start about a warrior angel, and I just realized it reads like the song list on a heavy metal hair band album from around 1986:

Demon Hedgehog Rocks the Suburbs

Rock Paper Lizard Scissors Spock

Capture at Gilly’s

Motel 6

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fall

Give It Up


And yeah, that’s my inspiration image at the top.  xoxo Lucy

Published by Lucy

Writer of gothic and supernatural horror-romance novels.

One thought on “My Brain Wants To Be In A Hair Band

  1. My brain thinks your brain wanting to be in a hair band is a GREAT idea. But then… my brain doesn’t have any hair, and wishes to live vicariously through yours… Or something like that. My brain hasn’t really thought this through, quite yet, and is now worried that your brain might be getting a bit creeped out by all this rambling… WAIT!… too late… there goes my brain; off to hide in its bedroom yet again…
    Other thoughts, like backstage passes, and groupies and tours, all spring to mind about your mind, but I think I’ll stop there. It’s much too early in the week to be getting so Lewis Carroll-ey.

    (Nice word image… though you can never tell where someone might go with it…)

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