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profile pic 42217I’ve been a writer since I was seven years old when I conceived my very first short fiction piece, a suspenseful tale of terror and triumph about a puppy stuck at the top of a very tall sliding board because he’s afraid to slide down. As I recall this plotline came to me as I was sitting at the top of a very tall sliding board with a long line of other second graders behind me yelling, “Are you gonna slide or what?” As an artist, I’ve always responded well to pressure.

Since the puppy (who made it, by the way, for anyone who’s worried), I’ve written and released twelve books with lucky number 13 coming in June 2020. Most of what I’ve written is most easily categorized as romance–historical, paranormal, fantasy, horror, but all with a strong relationship plot either at the center of or very much interwoven with the plot. I like stories about people finding strength and comfort in connection with one another, and I’m all about romance as a means to that connection. That doesn’t always mean sexy time, but sometimes it does–I ain’t scared to write a sex scene, y’all.

I started out publishing with Pocket Books; these days I’m an author for and the lead editor for Falstaff Crush, the romance line from Falstaff Books out of Charlotte, North Carolina. And just in case you’re wondering, yeah, I like indie publishing a whole lot better.

I’m a graduate of the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Winthrop University, so if we went to school together, by all means drop me a note at and say hi. I’m married to game designer and artist Justin Glanville.

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  1. Lucy, I have all the Bound in Darkness series in PB form, but the print is so small and I have trouble reading them. I finally bought a Kindle and I went to buy all of your books again, but Holy Cow! $16.75 & $21.75 for the first 2 in the series? I don’t have a problem paying the $8.99 list for Dark Angel, but I can’t afford the high cost of the first 2. Will the prices ever be lower? Will your publisher offer them as a trilogy bundle for a reasonable price?

  2. First of all, April, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond – I haven’t been on the blog in forever. Secondly, thanks so much for reading the trilogy in PB; I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And thirdly, holy cow is right! I had no idea the Kindle editions for the first two books were so expensive! I haven’t heard anything about a new bundle edition, but I think it’s a great idea. I will try to get in touch with somebody at Pocket about it and report back. I love my Kindle, too, and I love the idea of people being able to just download the whole trilogy at once – for a sane price.
    Btw, watch this space . . . I have a new full-length novel coming out from Purple Sword Publications in the next couple of months (details coming soon), and it will most definitely be released as an e-book and most definitely NOT be that pricey.

  3. Thank you for the reply. I like historical vampire stories like your Bound in Darkness series are you going to do anymore in that time period? Have you thought about a follow up to the BID series? I think the children of the main characters would certainly have a story to tell.

  4. How did I not read your last line before? “Heaven knows why this was written in third person. It’s totally me, kittens…” I always feel like a dorky robot writing about myself in third person!

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