Finally, a yes – querying an agent

Last week, I saw a reference to a particular literary agency on my Twitter feed.  I clicked over to their website and saw that not only did they apparently represent work like mine, they represent another writer who used to work with the same editor as me at Pocket.  They had very clear and specificContinue reading “Finally, a yes – querying an agent”

Wabbit Season

One of the things I did on vacation was see The Dark Knight Rises, the final dark chapter in Christopher Nolan’s dark Der Ring Des Batman-lungen trilogy.  One of the previews shown before it was for the Nolan-produced Man of Steel, aka Die Leiden des jungen Supermans, which looks, among other adjectives, quite dark.  So moved andContinue reading “Wabbit Season”

Hanging out my own shingle . . .

Well, kittens, it’s official, and I can officially talk about it – as of today, I am a free, unsigned, unrepresented author.  My agent, Joy Azmatia, is no longer working as an agent.  And rather than going through the dance of trying to find another one, I’m going to try it on my own forContinue reading “Hanging out my own shingle . . .”

I can’t stop listening to this song!!!

She’s Not There by Neko Case and Nick Cave I found this on iTunes yesterday – I was actually looking for the original by The Zombies, which is one of the first records I ever remember hearing as a very small child.  Which might actually explain a lot – pretty spooky for a British InvasionContinue reading “I can’t stop listening to this song!!!”

The Best Beach Trip Ever

The family and I just got back from our annual pilgrimage to the ocean.  I’ve been going to North Myrtle Beach on vacation nearly every summer since I was eight years old –  more years than I care to share in a public forum.  This year in a four-bedroom house, oceanfront, we had my dad;Continue reading “The Best Beach Trip Ever”