John Lennon

So when I was three years old, my absolute favorite show on TV was the Beatles cartoon: Note, please, the vampire theme. When I was six, my aunt showed me the cover of her Abbey Road album and explained that some people thought it proved that my favorite Beatle, Paul, was dead because the pictureContinue reading “John Lennon”

A Letter to Amazon

Dear Mr. Bezos, I was very excited to receive your Email request this morning, asking for my help in your battle against Hachette. Not since Carrie White got invited to the prom has a girl been more pleasantly shocked to be included. And you’re right; those big publisher types are just fuckers. I was aContinue reading “A Letter to Amazon”

My Love Affair With Artists (particularly one)

I can write, but I can’t draw worth a lick.  I’m serious; I’m not being modest; I can’t even draw a stick figure you can recognize as meant to be human; playing Hangman makes me nervous.  If the cultural life of human beings had been dependent on me being able to paint a bison onContinue reading “My Love Affair With Artists (particularly one)”