Con-Tinual! (and ConCarolinas goes online!)

Heya Kittens! Usually right around this time of year, I’d be crowing with glee that ConCarolinas was coming up at the end of the month and that I was going to be there and that I hoped all y’all were going to be there and how it was going to be awesome! But this year,Continue reading “Con-Tinual! (and ConCarolinas goes online!)”

ConCarolinas 2019!

It’s that time of year again – ConCarolinas is back, and I’ll be there! I only consistently show up for one fandom and writing convention a year, and ConCarolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina, is it. And this year’s slate of guests and events is particularly excellent. The people in charge have worked their collective caboosesContinue reading “ConCarolinas 2019!”

Imaginarium 2014

What is it?  A convention celebrating all things creative – writing, publishing, filmmaking, visual art, gaming, social media, blogging, fandom – basically, if you’re making art of any kind, you’ll find kindred souls and better methods at Imaginarium.  Fandom conventions are always fun, but art, filmmaking and literary tracks can get swamped by the excitementContinue reading “Imaginarium 2014”