The Day After the Day Without a Woman: A Letter to Four Men

So yesterday was National Women’s Day, and women who could afford it stopped doing all the good stuff they do to make it the Day Without a Woman, and God bless them. Big symbolic gestures made by the people who can afford them are how most of the good in this world gets started. But … Continue reading The Day After the Day Without a Woman: A Letter to Four Men

We Are Not This: Carolina Writers for Equality – Press Release

I'm lucky enough to have a story in this--"The Dark Lady" about a transgender actress in the days of Shakespeare. But even if I didn't, I'd promote the living juice out of it. Much, much great stuff to read, all profits benefiting a magnificent cause. It's available as an ebook right now from Amazon here, … Continue reading We Are Not This: Carolina Writers for Equality – Press Release

For What It’s Worth

For the past two days, I’ve been trying to think of something to say that isn’t being said better already by somebody else, and what occurs to me is this. Right now and for the next two months, every political party in the US is going to be falling over itself to convince people of … Continue reading For What It’s Worth

Falconskeep Trilogy E-Books, $8.99 each!

Finally, finally, finally!  Simon & Schuster have FINALLY released my first three books (A Falcon's Heart, This Dangerous Magic, and Wicked Charms) in e-book at a consistent and pretty decent price - $8.99 each!  And to celebrate, I've given them their very own blog with all the info - synopses, reviews, inspirations, etc., with excerpts … Continue reading Falconskeep Trilogy E-Books, $8.99 each!

The Internet Can’t Love You

Only people. And dogs. And cats if they so choose. And horses, of course. And guinea pigs and sugar gliders and all those other warm, fuzzy creatures people keep as pets, probably, and maybe even snakes. But not spiders. And definitely not the Internet. Social media has taken passive aggression to heights the military psychiatrists … Continue reading The Internet Can’t Love You

My Love Affair With Artists (particularly one)

I can write, but I can't draw worth a lick.  I'm serious; I'm not being modest; I can't even draw a stick figure you can recognize as meant to be human; playing Hangman makes me nervous.  If the cultural life of human beings had been dependent on me being able to paint a bison on … Continue reading My Love Affair With Artists (particularly one)

The Very Best Thing That Ever Happened

Four years ago today, I was scared out of my mind.  The man I was pretty sure I loved, maybe, certainly, possibly, how the heck can you tell over the Internet? was coming to meet me in person at last.  We had met two years before that in Second Life and hit it off like … Continue reading The Very Best Thing That Ever Happened