Dr. John Watson and “The Adventure of the Burning Man”

Mocha Memoirs Press and editor A.C. Thompson have done another anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories with a paranormal twist, Curious Incidents: More Improbable Adventures, and I have a story in it! The theme this time was any time or place EXCEPT Victorian London, and most of the stories have a definite science fiction double featureContinue reading “Dr. John Watson and “The Adventure of the Burning Man””

Scandalous Sherlock Holmes

My baby sister, Alexandra Christian, and I are both big Sherlock Holmes fans in almost every incarnation, and bless our hearts, we do write romance. So last year as a lark we challenged one another to each write a Victorian romance with a hero that was both romantic and a reasonably authentic version of SirContinue reading “Scandalous Sherlock Holmes”