4 Ways to Fix Sleepy Hollow Before It’s Too Late

Sleepy Hollow, Season 2, is driving me insane. If the damned show had been horrible from the beginning, I would have watched once and walked away. But Season 1 was flawed but fabulous; even the stuff that was stupid about it was so much fun, I couldn’t skip a single episode. So watching the peopleContinue reading “4 Ways to Fix Sleepy Hollow Before It’s Too Late”

Sleepy Hollow – a missing scene

I started my career as a romance novelist writing fan fiction, and that’s what this is, plain and simple.  It’s not even a full story, just a scene I really wanted and didn’t get from “Heartless,” the most recent episode of Sleepy Hollow.  I’m not saying they should do this or that this is what’sContinue reading “Sleepy Hollow – a missing scene”

TV Is Pissing Me Off

These days, my husband is all about the Hulu.  We pay a ludicrous amount of money every month for cable, and, as he rightly points out, we watch maybe three broadcast shows a week. Why not lose cable and just do Hulu?  (We already have NetFlix; laws, do we have NetFlix, we couldn’t live withoutContinue reading “TV Is Pissing Me Off”

Sleepy Hollow: All I expected and just enough more

Not that anybody cares, but Washington Irving’s original “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was not a scary story.  Not remotely gothic beyond some lovely travelogue-like description of the Hudson River Valley, it’s an early American satire, a comedy about how the salt of the earth manly men of an American wilderness town turn an artistic, intellectual,Continue reading “Sleepy Hollow: All I expected and just enough more”