Hot Guys in Helmets

So because we’re total pop culture junkies and apparently sheep, the hubs and I have already subscribed to Disney +, and we’re watching The Mandalorian. And yes, we love it, and yes “Baby Yoda” is the cutest darned thing ever, and yes I think it’s a great addition to the Star Wars canon, and IContinue reading “Hot Guys in Helmets”

Don’t Mind Me, Y’all

Spoilers for Stranger Things Season One; Star Wars: The Last Jedi; and Game of Thrones. And Lord of the Rings if you still haven’t gotten around to seeing that one. I realized last night I have blindly stumbled into a total asshole phase where I don’t like anything. I didn’t like the new Star Wars;Continue reading “Don’t Mind Me, Y’all”

4 Ways to Fix Sleepy Hollow Before It’s Too Late

Sleepy Hollow, Season 2, is driving me insane. If the damned show had been horrible from the beginning, I would have watched once and walked away. But Season 1 was flawed but fabulous; even the stuff that was stupid about it was so much fun, I couldn’t skip a single episode. So watching the peopleContinue reading “4 Ways to Fix Sleepy Hollow Before It’s Too Late”

Sleepy Hollow – a missing scene

I started my career as a romance novelist writing fan fiction, and that’s what this is, plain and simple.  It’s not even a full story, just a scene I really wanted and didn’t get from “Heartless,” the most recent episode of Sleepy Hollow.  I’m not saying they should do this or that this is what’sContinue reading “Sleepy Hollow – a missing scene”

TV Is Pissing Me Off

These days, my husband is all about the Hulu.  We pay a ludicrous amount of money every month for cable, and, as he rightly points out, we watch maybe three broadcast shows a week. Why not lose cable and just do Hulu?  (We already have NetFlix; laws, do we have NetFlix, we couldn’t live withoutContinue reading “TV Is Pissing Me Off”

AHS: Ready for the end game . . . .

Last night I was laid low with a migraine and didn’t live tweet American Horror Story: Coven, though I was watching and shrieking right along with everybody else.  So I’m thinking maybe now, as we go into the long dry spell that is the holiday break, might be a good time to stop and takeContinue reading “AHS: Ready for the end game . . . .”

From one scary magnolia to another . . . American Horror Story: Coven

Okay, my kittens, it’s not going to sound like it, but I promise you from the bottom of my twisted heart, I really, really loved the premiere episode of American Horror Story:  Coven.  I hate stories about torture, people being burned alive, gang rape, and that most misogynistic of symbolic horror tropes, the deadly vaginaContinue reading “From one scary magnolia to another . . . American Horror Story: Coven”

Sleepy Hollow: All I expected and just enough more

Not that anybody cares, but Washington Irving’s original “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was not a scary story.  Not remotely gothic beyond some lovely travelogue-like description of the Hudson River Valley, it’s an early American satire, a comedy about how the salt of the earth manly men of an American wilderness town turn an artistic, intellectual,Continue reading “Sleepy Hollow: All I expected and just enough more”

Some random thoughts about the 2013 Golden Globes

I’m an awards show junkie.  Have you ever wondered who the lunatic is who’s actually watching all that red carpet coverage on E! and actually reading the crawl at the bottom of the screen and actually knows the names of all those deeply freakish-looking fashion “experts” prattling into the camera?  Yeah, that would be me.Continue reading “Some random thoughts about the 2013 Golden Globes”

AHS: Asylum – Thanks, but no thanks

SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE VERY FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON TWO. Last year, I was an avid, obsessive, totally addicted viewer of FX Network’s erotic horror series, American Horror Story.  Even when I hated it, I loved it.  So this year, even though I’ve been booked solid with writing commitments and family commitments and day jobContinue reading “AHS: Asylum – Thanks, but no thanks”