The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead: a review

For the past few years, I’ve been reading mostly genre fiction. Graduate school and a long string of deathly dull reads had convinced me that the new literary novel was of interest to nobody who didn’t live in New York City and/or worship John Updike (or at least Cormac McCarthy) as a god. But thisContinue reading “The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead: a review”

Rise Up, Kittens! Or at least stop lying down . . . .

Without writers, publishing as an industry would not exist.  Well, duh, you may well say; how obvious; how trite; how could any sane person not know that?  And I would agree.  But I begin to suspect that this truth we declare self-evident is in fact the greatest of mysteries to the rest of the monstrousContinue reading “Rise Up, Kittens! Or at least stop lying down . . . .”

When One Demon Lover Just Isn’t Enough – Behind the Red Door by Alexandra Christian

Just in time for lazing on the beach (or hiding your Kindle from the kiddies at the beach house), my baby sister, Alexandra Christian, is releasing all three novellas in her Behind the Red Door series from Mocha Memoirs Press in one hot and handy volume.  But here, I’ll let her tell you all about it:Continue reading “When One Demon Lover Just Isn’t Enough – Behind the Red Door by Alexandra Christian”

A nifty holiday gift from Purple Sword Publications

Prefer to taste before you buy?  Purple Sword Publications knows you do, you naughty minx, and they’ve put out a sampler o’ sexy reads just for you.  Excerpts from all their best paranormal and fantasy erotica and romance from 2013, all in a pretty purple package, all for free.  (Including a few hot bites fromContinue reading “A nifty holiday gift from Purple Sword Publications”

Fresh Blood: VWSG Anthology Vol. 1

Psssssttt!!!! Wanna read 13 AMAZING vampire stories? Wanna get the e-book REALLY CHEAP?!?! From now through Halloween, Smashwords has the Vampire Writers Support Group’s very first anthology, Fresh Blood, on deep discount. All kinds of vamps, romance to pure horror, from some of the very best writers I know – including me. 🙂

Some end of the year housecleaning

Hey kittens, guess what?  We survived the end of the world!  And with any luck, we’ll survive the end of 2012 altogether.  Just a few things before we do . . . . First of all, thanks again SO MUCH to everybody who entered our Ho-Ho-Holiday Giveaway.  (Check out the text box to the rightContinue reading “Some end of the year housecleaning”

Everybody’s got their sexy . . . .

When I first heard that the Bound in Darkness series was being translated and released by foreign publishers, I just assumed they would use the same covers as the original American version from Pocket.  Boy howdy, was I wrong. Here’s what the first book, My Demon’s Kiss, looked like at your local American Barnes &Continue reading “Everybody’s got their sexy . . . .”

Sanguine Kiss by Alexandra Christian – read it!

Today I’m turning over the crunchety, chocolatey blogness to somebody else – romantic erotica goddess Alexandra Christian.  Lex’s latest e-book, Sanguine Kiss, comes out today (September 12), and I trapped her in a small room and made her talk to me about it and her writing life in general.  LB:  In 50 words or less,Continue reading “Sanguine Kiss by Alexandra Christian – read it!”