Charlotte Writers’ Fair 2017

writers fair 1Hey Kittens – guess where I’ll be on Small Business Saturday? Meeting readers and trading witty banter with other writers and hopefully selling lots and lots of awesome print books just in time for Christmas. The Charlotte Writers’ Fair is the bouncing baby brain child of writer and publisher John Hartness, author of the amazing Bubba the Monster Hunter and Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series (eseses) and chief executive thunder god of Falstaff Books. We’ll be filling the lobby of Theatre Charlotte with Carolina authors and their books, plus art from local artist and author Davey Beauchamp. Come hang out with us and find cool reading gifts for all the people you actually like! Romance, horror, fantasy, science fiction, action adventure, steampunk, mystery, lions, tigers, bears–something perfect for everybody on your list and at least a couple of more-than-perfect somethings just for you.

Other writers scheduled to attend:

Alexandra Christian, Tally Johnson, John Hartness, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Melissa McArthur, Susan Roddey, Misty Massey, Crymsyn Hart, Jason Gilbert, Darin Kennedy, Jim McDonald, Stuart Jaffe, Nancy Northcott, Faith Hunter, Tonia Brown, Edward McKeown, A.J. Hartley, Matthew Saunders, Samantha Bryant

I’ll have spiffy new paperbacks of these two lovelies:

last winter knight for print.jpgUntil Death 1








Plus a limited selection of paperbacks from the Bound in Darkness series. Come see us!

The Winners!

strangeasangelswblueeyesWe have the winners of our Hot Summer Bash!  I’ll be emailing a PDF copy of my book, Strange as Angels, to the following lovely people:

Mina Gerhart – our grand prize winner, who also scored a $100 Amazon gift card

Paula Shene

Ramon Rojas

And you’ve probably already heard from Crymsyn Hart, S.H. Roddey, Marcia Colette, Traci Markou, Selah Janel and Alexandra Christian, my partners in infamy on this one.

If you don’t get your book within 24 hours, please let me know here or via email at . Thanks so much to everybody who entered, and if you didn’t win, watch this space.  We’re a generous, fun-loving crowd writing new books every day; we’ll be doing this again soon.




Guest Post: Crymsyn Hart’s Deathly Encounters

CrymsynHartTourBadgeToday instead of me prattling on about whatever, I have the lovely, talented, and charmingly morbid Crymsyn Hart, whose latest book, Death’s Dance, kicks off an exciting and original new horror series from Seventh Star Press.  But I’ll let her tell you about it.

Deathly Encounters: The Beginning

Gee . . . the title of this post sounds like some bad flashback prequel to some really awful horror movie. But it’s not, I swear. Although Deathly Encounters is a horror series, Death’s Dance is no prequel. That might come in book five and how the whole fiasco began that gets our main characters into the positions they are in with the world of Death’s Dance. And then it would be followed by a chronicle of events that happened in between and…

Yes, I do believe I’m getting ahead of myself. See I’ve only just started book four in the series, Death’s Descent. I’m editing book three at the moment, Death’s Demise and the way I edit it’s going to take me a month to do it. But…where was I? Right, how did the Deathly Encounters series start?

Besides from having the first scene in chapter one come to me in a dream, the rest was a bit of plot and writing what I know. The main character, Kerstin, is a psychic and has a special relationship with the grim reaper in the series. Although the plot of the first book is to figure out why she and this reaper are drawn to the ghost town, the overall arc of the series is dealing with the after effects of decisions made in the past and their ripples. Each book deals with a consequence of a decision and how it affects the world my character lives in. Some are made by her and some are not.

Death’s Revival, book two in the series, deals with Kerstin’s life changing in a big way along with having a serial killer, murdering psychics all for the sake of an evil agenda. Kerstin has to change her life and by doing that it ushers in the storyline of the third book. Because of her lifestyle choices doors have opened in Death’s Demise, book three, that involve ghosts, the devil, angels of all kinds, and ancient gods. This book intertwines dimensions and different worlds and a dark evil preying on grim reapers. All this comes to a head because of who Kerstin has become formed from the original decision she made in Death’s Dance.

Book four of the series is called Death’s Descent, brings the devil back into the mix and an alternative timeline that talks about the what if scenario if Kerstin had never become a reaper and dealt with Death’s Dance in a different manner. Of course it’s more involved than that, but I can’t give away all the plot details.

I can say because I wrote book three Death’s Demise, I had another idea for a spin off series dealing with supernatural undertakers. That one now has the first two books written in the series.

Overall the one thing to remember about the Deathly Encounters series is that death is present in all realities, timelines, universes, realms, etc. It is everywhere so that lets the grim reapers who collect souls travel between all these various places. And no matter who you are, the decisions you make have a ripple effect and you can’t escape the consequences.

Come on, you know you want to read this.  Book One, Death’s Dance, is available now – buy it here: 

DeathsDance1200X800Death’s Dance Buy Links:

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To find out more about Crymsyn:


Twitter: @crymsynhart




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Hot Summer Bash – Much read-y stuff to win!

strangeasangelswblueeyesMe and a whole slew of other amazing writers of paranormal and supernatural horror and romance have gotten together to wind down bikini season with a “Hot Summer Bash.”  The grand prize winner will get a $100 Amazon gift card (aaaaiiieeee, the irony; it burns us!), plus a long, cozy autumn’s worth of e-books from me, Marcia Colette, Alexandra Christian, Selah Janel, Siobhan Kinkade, Crymsyn Hart, Traci Markou, and S.H. Roddey.  Vampires, werewolves, bounty hunters from hell, a couple of fallen angels – if that’s not enough to get you all inspired for football and Halloween, I don’t know what will.

Enter to win at the Rafflecopter on Crymsyn Hart’s blog here:

Imaginarium 2014!

imaginarium logoSo where ya gonna be September 19-21, 2014, kittens?  Me, I’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky, at the first ever Imaginarium, a convention created specifically for creators and fans of speculative fiction in all its many forms.  Imagine the most awesome literary track ever created at a fandom con – that, that’s what it is.  Want specifics?  Here’s a link to a page all about the programming:

The guest of honor is author Rose Pressey.  There’ll be more writers, artists, screenwriters, editors, publishers, game designers, comics gurus, bloggers, filmmakers, and other assorted “Imaginators” than you can shake a Spear of Destiny at, including me, Alexandra Christian, Stephen Zimmer, Tally Johnson, S.H. Roddey, Crymsyn Hart, James Tuck, John F. Allen, Selah Janel, Marcia Colette, and all the Hee Haw gang (as Lexxx would say).  Come play with us, y’all.  It will be a great time.

A nifty holiday gift from Purple Sword Publications

purple sword samplerPrefer to taste before you buy?  Purple Sword Publications knows you do, you naughty minx, and they’ve put out a sampler o’ sexy reads just for you.  Excerpts from all their best paranormal and fantasy erotica and romance from 2013, all in a pretty purple package, all for free.  (Including a few hot bites from my own Purple Sword book, Strange as Angels (

Get your (free -did I mention it’s totally FREE?) sampler here:

If one is good . . . .

HolidayGiveaway . . . then five must be better, right?  Specifically five naughty romance writers banded together to make your season bright.  Me, Alexandra Christian, Crymsyn Hart, Selah Janel, and Siobhan Kinkade have gotten the Christmas spirit and put together a happy little holiday gift box to give away to one of our darling readers.  From December 2 to December 21, enter to win a USB Flash Drive full of sexy read-y goodness:

Under the Mistletoe by Siobhan Kinkade

Marked by Siobhan Kinkade

Jingle Balls by Crymsyn Hart

Hairy and Hung by Crymsyn Hart 

Masquerade by Alexandra Christian

Second Skin by Alexandra Christian

In the Red by Selah Janel

And of course my own Tender Bites.  Light or dark, beastie hot or vampire cool, there’s something here for every holiday craving.  Plus, knowing us, I suspect there’ll be a couple of surprises tucked in the corners, just to be festive.  Second prize will be a $10 digital Amazon gift certificate, and third prize will be a $5 digital Amazon gift certificate.

Check out the full details and enter to win here at the widget on Crymsyn Hart’s blog.  And feel free to ask me anything in the comments below.  xoxoxo Lucy