Hot Guys in Helmets

So because we’re total pop culture junkies and apparently sheep, the hubs and I have already subscribed to Disney +, and we’re watching The Mandalorian. And yes, we love it, and yes “Baby Yoda” is the cutest darned thing ever, and yes I think it’s a great addition to the Star Wars canon, and IContinue reading “Hot Guys in Helmets”

No One Cares What I Think About the new Star Wars

And that’s hard for me to accept. The last trailer for the final installment of what they’re calling “The Skywalker Saga” dropped this week during Monday Night Football. Have you seen it? Yeah, me too. And I don’t really know how I feel about it. I am very much a Star Wars over Star TrekContinue reading “No One Cares What I Think About the new Star Wars”