The Shocking Truth About What Writing Fiction Pays (a personal comparison)

Earlier this week, I got my royalty statement for Little Red Hen Romance for September 2015 from Amazon and went into a full-blown fidget. In spite of the fact that we had outsold our previous best-selling month, June 2015, by more than two to one, moving more than twice as many books to paying customersContinue reading “The Shocking Truth About What Writing Fiction Pays (a personal comparison)”

Because life is too short to read crap

Like more than 20 million other people, I read e-books on a Kindle, and my favorite genre is romance. A quick search on Amazon for romance titles this morning yielded me 365,065 options to choose from. I know from experience that there are treasures to be found all the way up and down the charts.Continue reading “Because life is too short to read crap”

And ladies of the club . . .

My mama was always my first reader and main support system as a writer. And whenever I would get discouraged and start complaining that this whole becoming a New York Times bestselling author thing was taking too damned long, she would remind me that Helen Hooven Santmyer was 89 years old when her third novel, AndContinue reading “And ladies of the club . . .”

For the Love of Writing

As a writer, I’ve only made one New Year’s resolution for 2015: To enjoy the process more and worry about the product as a product less. Publishing right now is batshit crazy, and it’s changing so quickly, I seriously doubt anybody can really keep up. When I started writing seriously with the intention of profit,Continue reading “For the Love of Writing”

In defense of “Write What You Know”

In a recent writers roundtable over at comic and fiction writer Sean H. Taylor’s blog (Bad Girls, Good Guys and Two-Fisted Action, and if you’re not reading it, you’re missing out), we talked about the best and worst advice we’ve ever received as writers. More than half of us piled on the hate for thatContinue reading “In defense of “Write What You Know””

Rise Up, Kittens! Or at least stop lying down . . . .

Without writers, publishing as an industry would not exist.  Well, duh, you may well say; how obvious; how trite; how could any sane person not know that?  And I would agree.  But I begin to suspect that this truth we declare self-evident is in fact the greatest of mysteries to the rest of the monstrousContinue reading “Rise Up, Kittens! Or at least stop lying down . . . .”

The Black Knight can be a bitch!

  A tiny, sneaky peek at my WIP, my first medieval in forever.  The woman in this scene is most definitely not the heroine.  But even so, this new hero guy, John, can be mean as hell! * * * * * * “You can’t leave!”  The king himself had warned him that his mistressContinue reading “The Black Knight can be a bitch!”

So was it worth it? A NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

So I didn’t make it.  I wasn’t even close.  The goal was to write a complete 50,000 word novel in a month.  Accepting for the moment that 50,000 words is in fact a complete novel, I still didn’t do it – I got about 30,000, and I think I’m about halfway done. But here’s theContinue reading “So was it worth it? A NaNoWriMo Wrap Up”

So this year, I’m finally taking the plunge

I’ve been hearing about National Novel Writing Month for years.  Actually, for the first couple of years, I heard about NaNoWriMo and thought it sounded like a store at the mall that sells kid’s shoes and mime make-up.  But then I heard what it actually is – a website that brings writers together to faceContinue reading “So this year, I’m finally taking the plunge”