The Backlist!

winter knightChristabel’s romance novels have brought her everything except a romance of her own. But when she crashes her car on a snowy mountain road, she finds herself in the middle of a fairy tale.

Her rescuer, Bernard, is an adorable geek with washboard abs and an English accent. He literally sweeps her off her feet and carries her from the burning wreck to his hidden mansion in the forest. Trapped by a blizzard with this beautiful man in his enchanted castle, she finds all her inhibitions fading, all common sense drifting away. She falls into the arms of this gorgeous scientist like she’s falling into a dream.

But this very grown-up fairy tale is real. And her lonely Prince Charming might really be a beast.


american starlet

The Eighties were a weird time in Hollywood. Even for a princess.

Actress and It Girl Scarlett Cross has spent most of her life torn between Calvin Cross, her movie star father, and Romeo Kidd, the bad, bad, boy she married. Now she’s written her memoirs, two hand-written notebooks of what she promises will be nothing but the full, torrid, tawdry, crazy truth. Everybody in Hollywood is desperate for a peek. But Romeo’s more interested in why she decided to write it. Did she do it for love? For revenge? Or is she finally ready to tell her darkest secret of all?



eat the peachSex magic rules. But no two practitioners conjure in quite the same way. In these standalone stories, six very different witchy women, from a contemporary filmmaker learning a better way to grow a peach to a Regency bride channeling her inner Frankenstein, make a soul connection and discover their own kind of power.





bury me notShe fell for the outlaw. She always was one for the bad boys. Daisy was destined to be the one with the broken heart, standing in the door of the saloon in the aptly named town of Heart’s Remorse, watching her man ride off into the sunset, often with a sheriff of the Rangers in hot pursuit. Her brief but steamy dalliance with outlaw Elbert Cade promised to be no different.

Then the zombies attacked, and Daisy’s love life was the least of her worries. Suddenly, she was fighting side by side with the notorious Cade, the gunslinger who had stolen her heart and now just might save her life. If she doesn’t save him first.


misguided angelLove can make the angels fall.

After the loss of her husband, Kelsey is consumed by grief and considers suicide. To save her life, the angel Asher takes the form of her dead husband’s ghost and reassures her that her husband has moved on and that her own life is still very much worth living.

Upon meeting Kelsey, Asher finds himself entranced by her in a way he’s never been with any mortal being before. Even knowing how easily he could fall if he gives in to these dangerously human desires, he can’t seem to stay away.

Manifesting his true shape in human form, he approaches her, watches over her, and finds himself falling in love. And even in her grief, Kelsey can’t help but be drawn to this beautiful stranger.

But Kelsey has angels and demons in her own dark past.

And Lucifer is watching.