The Stella Hart Mysteries

Stella Hart is an American silent movie actress in the 1920s who keeps stumbling over dead bodies and having to figure out who killed them. Luckily she has her beloved George, 13th-Baronet-of-Kingsley-on-Pike, to back her up.

Stella’s first adventure. Stella runs to her mother’s English country house to hide out from an over-amorous gangster. Unfortunately, the gangster finds her. Fortunately, her stepfather’s nephew, George, pretends to be Stella’s fiancé to put the gangster off the scent. Unfortunately, George already  has a real fiancée, Mavis, and she’s an absolute pill. She does have a cute dog, though, named Guinevere.

Then Stella and Mavis find a body in the woods, and things get really complicated.

A long sea voyage across the Atlantic seems like the perfect opportunity for Stella and George to finally be alone. But Pinnacle Pictures tries to ruin Stella’s plans for romance by sending along a chaperone, Miss Cecilia Cuthbert, to watch her every move. Stella thinks she’s found a way to distract the prim and proper ugly duckling when she turns her into a swan and introduces her to one of George’s old school chums.

Then Miss Cuthbert finds a dead man in her stateroom, and all hell breaks loose.

Stella has less than a month to finish her latest picture and sail home to England to marry George—she’s postponed the wedding twice already, and her mom is ready to disown her. When her swashbuckling co-star smashes into a wall and puts the production on hold, she’s ready to slip the leash and leave the movie unfinished. But studio head Nathan Stanley threatens her with ruin if she tries.

Then Stanley turns up dead with a dueling sword stuck in his chest, and Stella has to solve his murder.

With her latest movie finished and her latest murder solved, Stella Hart is finally ready to take on the role of a lifetime—blushing bride in the wedding of her mother’s dreams. Barrington Hall is full to bursting with relatives, friends, and the cream of the English upper classes, waiting to watch Stella marry her beloved George. Stella promises Mom there’ll be no murders, no mysteries at all.

But that’s before she meets her bridesmaids. And then the cat burglar shows up.